Welcome to the Tucson Kart Club. The Tucson Kart Club (TKC) is a not for profit organization that has promoted family oriented kart racing for over 40 years. The goal of the club is to provide a safe and friendly environment for racing karts. Our objective is to inspire good sportsmanship, promote fair competition, and to provide a quality racing facility.

MapThe Tucson Kart Speedway is one of the fastest 1/5 mile tracks in the country. The track has a “paper-clip” layout with approximate 225 foot straight-aways and 100 foot radius turns. The track surface consists mainly of local soil with some clay and other amendments added for grip and consistency. The track is located on the Pima County Fairgrounds on Dawn Road just west of Houghton Road.

The club operates under American Kart Racing Association rules. An overview of the AKRA rules and TKC operating procedures are included in this package. Please take a moment to review the rules and procedures (both AKRA and TKC). As in any sport, knowing the rules is key to your successful enjoyment of this track.

The Club conducts a season points program for its members and concludes the season witha fun-filled year-end banquet. Annual membership at TKC is $50 for a primary membership and $40 for each additional family member.

Annual membership penalties:

There will be a penalty of $50.00 to each driver that has not attended or been represented at least once of the Tucson Kart Club clean ups for the previous year.


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